Hunt: Showdown – Update 1.4.2 auf den Testservern

Hunt Showdown
Hunt: Showdown © Crytek

Entwickler Crytek hat Update 1.4.2 auf die Hunt: Showdown-Testserver aufgespielt. Mit dem neuen Patch wurden einige Fehler behoben, das Balancing angepasst und neuer Legendary-Content hinzugefügt. Auch wird der mit 1.4.1 eingeführte PvE-Modus etwas angepasst.

Die vollständigen Patchnotes können auch hier gefunden werden: (Englisch)

Hunt: Showdown – Update 1.4.2


New Legendary Content

„LeMonnier’s Kit“

  • First Aid Kit
  • Description: „Dr. LeMonnier was fatefully suspicious of Huff’s actions in the asylum, and though this First Aid Kit can stem heavy bleeding, it could not stop the pinprick injection that transformed him into another experiment.“

„Steel Eye“

  • Spyglass
  • Description: „The determined pursuit of one’s goals requires a clarity of ambition. Those with a headstrong mentality – said to be steely-eyed – see their targets clearly with this looking glass.“

„Rising Sun“

  • Flare Pistol
  • Description: „This inlaid Flare Pistol glints brilliantly in the magnesium rays of its discharge. A small detail, appreciated by connoisseurs of the night.“

„Steel Sprung“

  • Hand Crossbow
  • Description: „More than just a showpiece of its smith’s skill, this complex Hand Crossbow is wrought from fine materials with expert machining, proving deadly and powerful.“
  • Exclusive Legendary Rewards:

„The Auger“

  • Lebel 1886 Talon
  • Description: „Scrawled in blood on this Lebel 1886 Talon are the ritual markings that make it possible to divine the future. Amongst the Hunters, some with this ability are called Augers.“
Hunt Showdown © Crytek

General Updates


  • When a Hunter stops burning, an “extinguish” sound effect is now played.
  • Reduced the amount of reverb and ambience played inside of underground and prison areas.



  • Updated the Damage of Duster Heavy Attacks from 67 to 72, allowing it to kill Hellhounds with 1 attack to the head, bringing its performance very close to that of the Knife.
  • Updated the Damage of Knuckle Knife Light Attacks from 45 to 58, now killing Grunts, Hives and Hellhounds with 2 Light attacks.
  • Changed Damage resistance of Hellhound heads to allow Machete and Heavy Knife Light Attacks to perform 1 hit kills.

Frag Bomb

  • Reduced minimum damage at the edge of the explosion radius.
  • Reduced effectiveness of the explosion reaching targets behind cover.




  • Now unlocks at Rank 1.
  • Now activates when health is below (not equal) 50 hp.
  • Previous threshold was 25 hp.

Gator Legs
„Walk and sprint faster in deep water. Also make less noise while crouched in water.“
Decreases movement speed penalty in deep water.
Stamina consumption is still lower as a result now.
Water effect sounds caused by moving while crouched have reduced volume now.

„Get a health and stamina boost when picking up a Clue, Rift, or Bounty token“
Heals 50 hp, same as before.
Instantly refills melee and sprint stamina.
Takes effect when any bounty token is transferred to the player (even via Serpent).


  • Decreased cost from 4 to 2 upgrade points.


  • Decreased cost from 4 to 2 upgrade points.


  • Increased interaction range by 50%.


  • Decreased cost from 5 to 3 upgrade points.

Decoy Supply

  • „Restock all types of Decoys from ammo crates.“
  • Restocks one Decoy Fuse per crate now.
  • Restocks more Decoys and Blankfire Decoys now.

Trials Mode (PvE)

Stillwater Bayou

Balancing Adjustments:

Catfish Grove – „Fall Where They May“:

  • Hives now spawn in a predefined Order

Stillwater Bend – „A Futile Undertaking“:

  • Immolators now spawn in a predefined order
  • Flammable Barrels instead of Explosive Barrels
  • Medium:
    • „Kill and Banish 11 Immolators“ -> „Kill and Banish 10 Immolators“
    • „+ Avoid bleeding damage“ -> „Kill 10 Hellhounds with fire“
  • Hard: „Avoid any Damage“ -> „Avoid Fire Damage“

Developer Note: The unpredictable spawns of the Immolators and Hellhounds in combination with having to avoid any kind of damage was too punishing, so we decided to adjust the challenge-requirements for the difficulty to be more in line with the other wave challenges.

Scupper Lake – „Fisherman’s Tale“

  • Hellhounds have been replaced with Grunts
  • Medium: „Kill 10 Hellhounds with fire“ -> „Kill 15 Grunts with fire“

The Chapel of Madonna Noire – „Fire in the Bones“

  • Immolators now spawn in a predefined order
  • Medium:
    • „Kill and Banish 8 Immolators“ -> „Kill and Banish 10 Immolators“
    • „Kill 15 Hellhounds with fire“ -> „Kill 10 Hellhounds with fire“

Wave Trials

  • „Not All For Show“ – Alain & Son’s Fish – Mind your steps as you try to figure out the best route to complete the Parkour in time. Oh, and the Hives, but your dual Bornheims should be plenty to take care of them.

Lawson Delta

Parkour Trials

  • „Be Jubilant, My Feet“ – Wolfshead Arsenal – A truly explosive Race through the Arsenal that will require you to make good use of all your tools and the Mosin Obrez Mace.
  • „Resist Much, Obey Little“ – Fort Carmick – Armoreds have invaded the Fort and you will have to find the best way to get through them in time with your trusty Caldwell Rival and a lot of explosions.

Sniper Trials

  • „From Dust To Dust“ – Sweetbell Flour – Nothing like a good crusty rustic bread, but be careful not to burn it. Use the Vetterli Deadeye to its full extend to prevent the Immolators from burning anything other than themselves.

Wave Trials

  • „Gratitude and Treachery“ – Blanc Brinery – Choose your path wisely while dual wielding your Chainpistols to fight off the Armoreds and Grunts that riddle this location.
  • „The Mother of Taking Chances“ – Golden Acres – Make sure to retrieve your bolts as you take out the Grunts, but don’t let the Hellhounds bite you!
  • „Virtue Meets Brute Force“ – Maw Battery – Make sure to use your four Dolches to their maximum extent as ammunition is limited and the targets are plenty.
  • „Exult Over Downfall“ – Iron Works – While blasting Armoreds with your Explosive Crossbow is fine, be sure to use precision when taking out the grunts.
  • „Reap the Whirlwind“ – Brickworks – Nothing quite like blowing up Meatheads with your Bomb Lance! But beware the Hives or things can get out of hands really quick!

Exclusive Rewards:

  • Unlock Legendary Lebel 1886 Talon „The Auger“ when reaching 70 Trial Stars


  • Windows can now be opened or closed (like doors) while cooking a throwable item.


  • Reduced Knuckle Knife cost from 45$ to 15$.
  • Changed unlock Rank for Trait Adrenaline to Rank 1.
  • Changed Upgrade point cost.
    • Trait Resilience from 4 to 2
    • Trait Ghoul from 4 to 2
    • Trait Beastface from 5 to 3

New Legendary Weapons

  • Added First Aid Kit „LeMonnier’s Kit“ for 200 Blood Bonds
  • Added Spyglass „Steel Eye“ for 200 Blood Bonds
  • Added Flare Pistol „Rising Sun“ for 200 Blood Bonds
  • Added Hand Crossbow „Steel Sprung“ for 400 Blood Bonds

Exclusive Legendary Rewards:

  • Added Lebel 1886 Talon „The Auger“ at 70 stars