Gloria Victis: Wöchentliches Update 231

Gloria Victis
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Gloria Victis hat weitere Fehlerbehebungen und Verbesserungen erhalten. Das wöchentliche Update 231 setzt den Fokus erneut auf die von Spielern geforderten Spielverbesserungen. Black Eye Games betonte gleichzeitig auch, dass man das neu eingeführte Feature Pilgrims Rock Castle, dank des zahlreichen Feedbacks, aufpolieren konnte.

Den Changelog v. (Weekly Patch 231) kann man auch hier finden: (Englisch)

Black Eye Games
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The Crouching feature introduced last week, has received such a warm welcome! We’d like to thank you for your extensive feedback, and in response to your suggestions, we’ve made several tweaks to this system.

First of all, it’ll now be easier to remain unnoticed by the NPC enemies, since they used to discover the player’s presence too often. From now, the NPCs will be unlikely to see you unless you’re in front of them.

Second, we decreased the visibility of the player’s marker seen from distance. Now it won’t be enough to just look at the characters far from you to expose them, so the stealth mechanics should become much more viable.

Moreover, everyone’s invited to join our poll on whether should we add the possibility to fight and shoot bow while crouching. Hop in our official Discord and leave your vote too!

Pilgrim’s Rock:

We’re happy to see such positive feedback about the newest castle added in the center of the game’s world! However, the most frequent suggestion about it was to add more content inside Pilgrim’s Rock. Here we go!

  • Added the specialized Glory vendors inside PR – 1 at the time – rotating them over a short period of time, so you’ll have access not only to the recipes of different crafting professions but also of the other nations if you aim to complete them!
  • Added +3 workshops for all crafting professions inside Pilgrim’s Rock
  • Added a hunting event requiring delivering the corpses of scavengers to earn money and exchange them for tanned skins
  • Added a nighttime hunting event requiring delivering dead wolves
  • Added a dedicated farming event available all the time (it’s placed right behind the castle’s walls, so its accessible for everyone) where players can sell their surplus supplies of crops – while it allows to sell only products which are currently demanded and for a lower price than the average Market price, it lets you sell more supplies than would normally be demanded in the Market, so the dedicated farmers can make regular profits on that
  • Added a high-level crafting event – the centrally-placed crafting order event which has been requested for quite a while, and since there are deposit, workshops and Glory vendors in this location, it might be quite a profitable activity for dedicated crafters who want to become the next Wolf of Stoneholm
  • Added the Castle Keeper NPC who allows donating your Nation Points to your guild
  • Moved the deposit to the first floor of the keep tower

Quality of Life:

  • Server-side micro-optimization
  • Disabled placing any player-spawned objects on farms other than plants
  • Further improvements to the SFX, especially the combat ones, including better positioning of those sounds, dividing each hit sound between different weapon and armor types, and the weapon swing sound has been updated for most of the weapon types (so for example, hitting the chainmail armor with axe will sound differently than hitting the plate armor, etc – overall, almost 200 new sounds has been added within this update)
  • Minor improvements to the rewards notifications interface
  • Added an option to minimize the tutorial windows (minimize, not disable)
  • Improved the starting tutorials for the new players below level 5


  • Fixed a bug causing that guild members were teleporting through gates on the castles captured by their guild instead of opening them during the siege
  • Fixed a bug causing that players could respawn in the enemy siege camp when the attacked flag was neutral
  • Fixed a bug causing that the combat tutorial used to restart at level up, unless it was completed before it would happen
  • Fixed displaying the proper tier number of challenges in the Challenges window
  • Fixed a bug causing that players moving to the ally Guild Castle not owned by their guild had a message about longer cooldown displayed after using /home, despite the fact the cooldown is always increased for players not belonging to the owner guild
  • Fixed changing the music volume in the character selection menu
  • Fixed a bug causing randomly disabling ballistas at Pilgrim’s Rock
  • Fixed a bug causing that notification with the combat tutorial video wasn’t displayed


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Gloria Victis ist ein MMORPG, welches den Fokus auf Realismus legt und in einer mittelalterlichen, offenen Welt mit einem leichten Fantasy Anteil angesiedelt ist. Erlebt Gefechte mit einem Non-Target Kampfsystem, offenes PVP mit Gebietskontrolle, ein vielfältiges, ausgeprägtes Handwerkssystem, eine von Spielern angetriebene Wirtschaft und eine reife, umfangreiche Handlung – all das mit einer wunderschönen, realistischen Grafik und einer immersiven Atmosphäre.

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